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December 2013



farewell 2013

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In 2013, I slept in a tepee; climbed trees; listened to a million jokes rehearsed from joke books; dangled my feet from the Grand Canyon; learned how to persevere with joy; began a photo collaboration project; cried from laughing too hard; cried from hurting too much; watched my kids wade in the Pacific Ocean; picked 48 pounds of strawberries; read Oliver and Rilke and L’Engle and Bly; packed and left a home; explored ancient ruins; prayed desperate prayers; watched Blythe dance outdoors in below freezing temperatures; ate loads of sweet potatoes and cauliflower rice; painted more walls white; learned the word autodidact; hiked over a mile in the Virgin River; watched Mark carry all four kids simultaneously in that same river; finished a whole-30; snuggled with my kids in a tree hammock; shared the Christmas holidays with our combined 48 family members; shared the Christmas holidays with strep throat and the flu; tried kombucha; jumped waves along the Texas coast; lived with 9 other people for most of the year; was splashed by the waves on Pfeiffer Beach; camped under a super-moon; took thousands of pictures; wrote thousands more in words; watched the sun rise over 300 times; taught Olive to write her name; explored caves; celebrated 12 years of marriage; discovered a love for honey whiskey; studied Joan of Arc, the Vikings, and Charlemagne; cooked several meals over campfires; downsized our life and learned having less really is more; stood inside a Redwood trunk with 16 other people; read Burke’s first illustrated comic book; picked dinner from our garden; tutored 100+ college students in writing/grammar; picnicked with friends on Adirondack chairs in the Big Sur River; walked through canyon slots in New Mexico; hugged our six family members visiting from Morocco; listened to people sing on the streets of Santa Cruz; walked in the Frio River; witnessed friends be healed of sickness; tasted papayas and persimmons for the first time; studied patterns of light and shadow; received money and tons of encouragement and love from friends and family; chased my kids down huge hills; learned from Liam how to shoot a bow and arrow; climbed majestic red rock in Utah; picked bouquets of wildflowers; felt small and humbled; felt like my heart might explode in joy; learned to give thanks regardless.

Thank you, 2013, for your rich lessons and adventures. Farewell.


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